Best Colored Eye Contacts Lense


Yes, you can wear your Bella contact lenses technically anywhere

Bella Plano colored contacts are HD vision cosmetic lenses that further glamorize your look by giving elegant color or shade over the iris of your eye. People wear them to enhance their facial appearance and boost their impression

You need to clean contact lenses with quality solutions purchased from pharmacies or credible stores. Bella recommends its own exclusive cleaning solution for contact lenses

Diameter of Monthly Bella contact lenses are 14.5mm and for daily lenses 14.2mm which elegantly enhances the size of your eye and gives you perfect eye appearance

Yes, you can buy Daily Bella contact lenses in 12 different colors and each box contains 10 lenses (5 pairs).

Bella Daily contact lenses are made by FDA approved materials and have CE Cetolicates. They are, if not the only, best quality daily contacts available, hence their prices are a bit higher that other daily lenses.

Some people prefer to use disposable contact lenses and don’t have time to clean monthly lenses and do all the maintenance procedure, therefore daily lenses are the perfect choice for them.

Bella Daily contact lenses come in Plano but for large quantity orders, you can order prescription daily contact lenses by contacting Bella at

Yes, you can, but it is advisable to consult with your optician to choose and use contact lenses safely

You can, but currently for astigmatic eyes, Bella doesn’t offer contact lenses

Bella recommends Rosewood or Glitter Gray

Bella recommends Hazel Honey or Almond Brown

You are advised to consult with your optician first and based professional advice, yes, it is safe.

All Bella Daily contact lenses are famous for being the most comfortable daily lenses.

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