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Clear Vision Monthly.Clear Vision Monthly.
Clear Vision Monthly
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Experience unparalleled clarity with Bella Clear Vision Contact Lenses – your ultimate solution for exceptional visual precision and a great alternative to glasses for millions of people. Each box includes six clear vision lenses, ensuring sharp vision for up to three months. Designed for one-month use per pair, these lenses provide sustained visual acuity and comfort.

Featuring advanced Aspheric Optics, these lenses offer high-definition vision, particularly effective in low-light conditions. Bid farewell to blurry sights and welcome the crispness that Bella Clear Lenses deliver.

Not only do these lenses enhance your vision, but they also prioritize your eye health. UV protection shields your eyes from harmful rays, ensuring a safeguarded and secure visual experience throughout the day.

Bella Clear Vision Lenses boast high water retention capabilities, maintaining moisture and comfort for extended wear. The biocompatible material, with Sodium Hyaluronate embedded in the lens matrix, enhances comfort and overall eye health.

Crafted from a non-ionic material, these lenses minimize irritation, providing consistently clear vision without compromising comfort. With a usage limit of three months, Bella Clear Vision offers a perfect balance of durability and convenience.

Choose the best clear lenses in any degree (SPH) from -12.00 to +6.00 and embrace a lifestyle where clarity meets comfort – opt for Bella Clear Vision Contact Lenses for a transformative visual experience.

The degree range available for Bella Clear Contact Lenses is from -12.00 to +6.00.

The usage limits for Bella Clear Contact Lenses are designed for one-month use per pair, with each box containing six lenses, ensuring a clear vision for up to three months.

Additionally, for all types of lenses, it is recommended to follow proper eye care, including lens maintenance and usage instructions. Lenses should be cleaned with a suitable solution only, and when not in use, they should be stored in the recommended solution.

Please see the instructional video here for how to put your lenses