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Silver Mist Lenses | Bella Diamond CollectionSilver Mist Lenses | Bella Diamond Collection
Silver Mist | Bella Lenses
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Allure Blonde | Bella Diamond CollectionAllure Blonde | Bella Diamond Collection
Allure Blonde | Bella Lenses
Sale price $54.00

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Jade Green Lenses | Bella Diamond CollectionJade Green Lenses | Bella Diamond Collection
Jade Green | Bella Lenses
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Gray Green | Bella Diamond CollectionGray Green | Bella Diamond Collection
Gray Green | Bella Lenses
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Moon Stone | Bella Diamond CollectionMoon Stone | Bella Lenses
Moon Stone | Bella Lenses
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Agate Brown | Bella Diamond CollectionAgate Brown | Bella Diamond Collection
Agate Brown | Bella Lenses
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Oak Lenses - Bella Diamond CollectionOak Lenses - Bella Diamond Collection
Oak | Bella Lenses
Sale price $63.00

Mysterious Lenses - Bella Diamond CollectionMysterious Lenses - Bella Diamond Collection
Mysterious | Bella Lenses
Sale price $63.00

Bella Power Lenses represent the prescription version of Bella Colored Contact Lenses, catering to individuals requiring vision correction while embracing the desire for beauty and perfection simultaneously. These lenses not only enhance your vision but also elevate your beauty, liberating you from the need for glasses.

Bella Power Lenses are available based on your eyesight prescription. You can choose your required degrees and preferred color from Elite, Diamond, Glow and Contour Collections.

Bella Daily Power Lenses are only available for wholesale orders. To obtain a quote contact us at


-0.50 to -4.00, quarter steps

-4.00 to -8.00, half steps

+0.50 to +4.00, half steps



Diameter: 14.5mm

Note* positive degrees for Contour Green and Contour Gray are from +0.50 to +3.00

Each box contains 2 lenses to wear for up to 3 months.