3 Important Considerations When Buying Colored Contact Lenses

3 Important Considerations When Buying Colored Contact Lenses

What fascinates you about contact lenses? Is it how they are perfect for an active lifestyle or a match for your social gathering outfit? If you are among avid wearers of contact lenses, then you will agree that they work best on multiple occasions. On the other hand, if you are a newbie in the whole contact lens arena, you may be looking for ways to adapt to these wonderful eye products. Whether you need contact for corrective vision or simply cosmetic, you will agree that colored contact lenses are becoming the center stage for individual aesthetics. When you have to buy colored contact lenses, what should guide your choices? Below are some three important considerations to think about when making your purchase:

The tint- A crucial aspect of colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses are a modern trend for people who desire to alter the look of their eyes. Today, non-prescription contacts are also commonly referred to as decorative lenses. Although colored contact lenses are purely aesthetic, at times, some categories can be used for corrective vision. When you decide to buy colored contact lenses, you need to understand that they are available in three kinds of tints:

  • Visibility tint: When you think about convenience, then a visibility tint describes it. A visibility tint is light and mostly in the shade of light blue and green. Visibility tint is just a little more color from the clear contacts, making it easier to identify your contacts during insertion or removal. Contact lenses with visibility tint may not greatly affect the look of your eye.
  • Enhancement tint: This specific tint improves the natural color of your eyes. For example, you can intensify a blue eye color with enhancement tint lenses. These categories can be useful for people who desire to add more vibrancy to their light-colored eyes.
  • Opaque tint: A complete transformation in the look of your eyes can be what you are aiming for. Opaque tint lenses can be your choice for the special effects you want for specific occasions, for instance, a gothic or sci-fi cosplay and so much more.


Most people love contact lenses due to their flexibility, and this is true, especially when you buy colored contact lenses. You can switch to any color anytime, depending on your routine and setting of the day. When you are considering colored contact lenses, it is important to factor in other aspects such as hair color, skin tone, occasion, and even outfits. The good news is that with colored contact lenses, you can remain as flexible as possible. Moreover, when considering flexibility, you need to also factor in the durability of your colored contact lenses. Some colored contact lenses are for single-day use, while others are for monthly use.


Although most people consider colored contact lenses in the line of aesthetics, others can also wear them as corrective contacts. Colored contact lenses solely for aesthetics are referred to as plano contacts. However, for those addressing eye vision conditions, you can choose colored prescription lenses. When making a selection of these specific contacts, it is vital to depend on the guidance of your eye doctor. The advantage of these specific types of lenses is that you can correct your vision while remaining stylish.

You can buy colored contact lenses.

Colored contact lenses are increasingly popular, with a variety of shades to select from. At Bella Lense, we specialize in high-quality colored contact lenses that can add to your stylish look.